Mandatory Badminton Ontario Insurance and License Program rollout for all members/students of Su Badminton Club

Sep 22, 2021

Badminton Ontario has rolled out a new mandatory program for member insurance and other guidelines including Concussion Awareness Resource document. These programs are in line with guidelines with regards to other sporting activities- recreational or competitive within the province and will apply to all clubs and its members, students irrespective of age or skill level.

What’s needed from members/students: All patrons are required to create a member profile on and choose their membership category. Majority will be categorized under General Membership at a cost of $25 annually. Students are categorized under Regional, Competitive & Performance.

There is a detailed explanation of coverages offered and all required waiver forms available on playerweb site. Once you have completed the process and the fees are paid, a member id unique to you will be assigned.

All members/students are required to obtain insurance just as you would purchase life and auto insurance in case of an accident or mishap. Failure to comply might result in your membership being revoked and/or loose playing privileges including tournaments.

Deadline for completion is Oct. 15,2021.

Any general questions, please reach out to front desk or via email.

Su Badminton Club.