2018 SUBC Championships

Jun 25, 2018

Thank you all for participating our 2018 SUBC Championships last Saturday, it’s a great success with all your support and participation. All the players worked hard and did very well, you guys are all winners in our heart!!

A big congratulations to the following players:

Group C BD : Gold – Danny Zhang/Garrett Liu; Silver – Hongling Li/William Zheng; Bronze – Max Deng/Steven Ji

Group C GD : Gold – Stella Zhang/Minnie Deng; Silver – Amy Hong/Jessy Huang; Bronze – Arina Fan/Jessie Yu

Group C XD : Gold – Max Deng/ Minnie Deng; Silver – Stanly Zhang/ Stella Zhang; Bronze – Tom Xu/ Abby Wang

Group B BD : Gold – Johnson Jiang/Eric Yu; Silver – Eric Wu/Daniel Hu; Bronze – Edison Lim/Peterson Guo

Group B GD : Gold – Veronica Wang/Helen Pham; Silver – Jialin Wang/Angel Ren; Bronze – Rosemary Zhai/Grace Zhu

Group B XD : Gold – Jerry Yin/Helen Pham; Silver – Ella Zhang/Terry Liu; Bronze – Mason Li/Rosemary Zhai

Group A BD : Gold – Jason Wu/Jerry Wu; Silver – Kevin Chen/Andrew Li; Bronze – Daniel Zhao/Alex Zhang

Group A GD : Gold – Maggie Su/Ashley Zhao; Silver – Lynn Wang/Xingyao Yu

Group A XD : Gold – Jason Wu/Maggie Su; Silver – Ethan Wang/Josephine Fu; Bronze – Daniel Zhao/Ashley Zhao

Tournament date: 2018/6/23


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