Markham Court
Markham Court

170 Shields Court, Unit 1
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9T5

Tel: (905) 752-6857

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Business Hours
MON 10:00:AM 11:00:PM
TUE 10:00:AM 11:00:PM
WED 10:00:AM 11:00:PM
THU 10:00:AM 11:00:PM
FRI 10:00:AM 11:00:PM
SAT 09:00:AM 11:00:PM
SUN 09:00:AM 10:00:PM
Mississauga Court
Mississauga Court.

#6, 4140B Sladeview Crt
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 6A1

Tel: (905) 615-9996

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Business Hours
MON 12:00:PM 10:00:PM
TUE 12:00:PM 10:00:PM
WED 12:00:PM 10:00:PM
THU 12:00:PM 10:00:PM
FRI 12:00:PM 10:00:PM
SAT 10:00:AM 10:00:PM
SUN 08:00:AM 09:00:PM
About Us

About the Club

Su Badminton Club was established in 2004. With all the support from community and badminton enthusiasts, the club has expanded its training facilities at various locations in Greater Toronto Area. A large group of outstanding young badminton elites were trained with us and have received numerous awards at different badminton games. Su Badminton Club has been interviewed by Toronto news press and publicized the club in many different newspapers and TV broadcasters.

Our aim is to make the most out of playing badminton, such as bonding with the compassionate, strengthening fitness, and developing self-confidence. We offer classes at different level at locations in Toronto and Markham area. As our club is growing and attracting more badminton enthusiasts, we have recently expanded the largest court facility in Mississauga with nine international-standard indoor badminton courts. We offer group lessons and private lessons to junior and adults, membership free-play, and court-bookings. All are welcome to join.

Club Founder and Head Coach: Su, Rong

As a former Shanghai Badminton Team player, Su has achieved numerous Men’s Single and Mixed Double championships at National Badminton Open Games and Pan-University Games in China. Su had been the assistant coach of world-level coach Jiang Yongyi while Su was also the chairman of University Badminton Association of Shanghai.

Later on, Su moved to Japanto further pursuit his coaching career. Being a member of Badminton Association of Japan, he coached at Yamagata University Badminton Club. Throughout Su’s twenty years devoted in badminton, Coach Su has developed a unique teaching method, always aiming to explore and train students to get the most out of students’ athletic potential. Coach Su strives to achieve his goal in influencing badminton enthusiasts to  play more badminton in order to bond with the likeminded, to strengthen fitness, and to develop self-confidence.  

俱乐部创办人及主教练:   苏荣

苏教练曾是上海市羽毛球队员, 多次获得中国和大学生男子单打及混合双打冠军,并担任过世界级教练蒋永谊的助手及上海大学生羽毛球协会第一届名誉主席. 后赴日本担任羽毛球俱乐部教练,山形大学羽毛球俱乐部教练, 日本羽毛球协会会员. 在二十多年的运动和教学生涯中, 创造了一套独特的教学方法,用特殊的眼光来发掘和培养您内在的体育天赋, 同时也达到以球娱乐, 以球会友, 以球培养自信, 以球锻炼身体,以球健美的目标.