17.18 Ontario Jr B #4 – Machi

Jan 14, 2018

What a great start to the New Year! Last weekend our kids brought home a lot of medals from the Junior B tournament held in Machi. Here is the full list of results:

U13 GS:Helen Pham – SILVER,Sarah Yang – 3rd place,Veronica Wang – Consolation Winner
U13 BS:Daniel Hu – Consolation Winner
U13 GD:Helen Pham/Veronica Wang – GOLD, Rosemary Zhai/Susanna Wang – SILVER
U13 XD:Daniel Hu/Grace Zhu – 3rd place,Helen Pham/partner – Consolation Winner

U15 BS:Larry Chen – 3rd place
U15 BD:Alex Zhang/Larry Chen – GOLD
U15 GD:Victoria Zhang/Ashley Zhao – GOLD
U15 XD:Victoria Zhang/Alex Zhang – GOLD

U17 BS:Kevin Chen – GOLD
U17 GS:Michelle Ke – 3rd place
U17 BD:Andrew Li/Kevin Chen – 3rd place
U17 GD:Anika Li/partner – GOLD
U17 XD:Michelle Ke/Kevin Chen – GOLD,Anika Li/partner – SILVER

Tournament date: 2018-1-13 & 14


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