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Stage 3 of reopening

Dear Members,

With our province moving to Stage 3 of reopening, we are pleased to announce that Badminton Ontario has given a green light to Doubles Play effective Friday, July 24 .

While this eagerly anticipated move is welcome, there are still some restrictions to be followed.

Please go through this message to familiarize yourself with some regulations and safety protocols.

1. Wearing masks inside the club is mandatory except during play. Social distancing is still to be practiced.
2. Doubles practice & play is allowed however all efforts must be made to avoid physical contact between pairs.
3. Due to limitation cap on amount of people who can be inside an indoor facility at any given time (maximum of 50) spectators, parents, guardians may be required to wait in their vehicles for picking up/dropping off kids and members.
4. For your safety, frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment will be performed by club staff.

5. While change rooms will be open for use, it is advised to use them on a need basis only.

We appreciate the patience and continued support our patrons have shown and while we are almost at the final hurdle, it’s not over just yet. Let’s proceed with caution and together we will see this to the end.

Su Badminton Club.

Su Badminton Club

Su Badminton Club was established in 2004. With all the support from the community and badminton enthusiasts, the club has expanded its training facilities to 2 different locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Markham location has 8 international-standard badminton courts and our Mississauga location has 9 international-standard badminton courts. A large group of outstanding young badminton players are training with us and they have received numerous awards at different badminton tournaments. Su Badminton Club has been interviewed by the Toronto news press which publicized the club in different newspapers and TV broadcasters.

Our goal is to make the most out of playing badminton, such as bonding with other players, strengthen your fitness, and developing self-confidence. We offer classes at different levels in Markham and Mississauga. We also offer group lessons and private lessons to junior players and adults. Come join us now!

For recent updates and photos, please visit our FACEBOOK page.

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We offer different kind of training programs and lessons, come talk to our coaches. We can offer you a customized training program.

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